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Sunsetting PLHub

posted Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 by Sunkedd

This announcement is important to me as I've been operating PLHub for nearly three years now. After a hard couple of days and a lot of deliberation, I've decided its time to sunset PLHub permanently. This wasn't an easy decision to make as I've put a lot of work into this site in the last couple of years, most of that work never making it to the public eye.

I originally made PLHub as a little side project/experiment in my garage in early 2020 when COVID 19 hit, and since publishing it on March 19th, 2021, it has garnered a name for itself through word-of-mouth and referrals by the community. I never expected it to reach the heights that it has and I am extremely grateful to say the least. Despite PLHub's extreme simplicity early on, I was fortunate enough to meet a group of people in the community who have backed me up and supported the site through and through, and many of them are still here today. One of my investors, VoidManifest, has been providing private servers to PLHub for over two years straight without missing a single month! Him and a few others had faith in the project and saw its potential early on and I'm most thankful for that early support. Without it, the site wouldn't have made it this long and I can say that with a high degree of certainty.

As much as I'd like to dedicate more time and resources into making PLHub into the site I envisioned early on, I've recently got struck with a horrible situation in my personal life, and in addition to my already extremely busy work schedule I cannot dedicate the time to maintain and continue work on PLHub. This has been an ongoing issue for me that I've tried to mitigate and delay for as long as possible, but unfortunately it has reached a point where I have no choice but to cut the cord.

I took the time to look over the site's metrics and analytics over the last couple of years and Im proud to say PLHub has gathered a lot of attention from players all over the world.

Since opening, PLHub has gathered over 190,000 unique, real visitors from 55 countries.

Since adding user accounts (and accidentally deleting 1600 of them in 2022), PLHub has amassed almost 2,800 registered Roblox players using my own QuickPass login software.

Unfortunately I wasn't keeping precise track of server joins until May 2023, however, on average PLHub servers are joined 750 times per month.

With four private servers guaranteed running 24/7, plus the four extra that have been added and removed periodically, PLHub and its investors have spent 23,500 robux on private servers since its opening!

I'm not going to get into the specifics for the PLHub site's operating costs, but it has added up to a couple thousand dollars since opening. My time is money lost, so labor costs have added a lot as well. As you can tell, PLHub has been operating at a total loss for a couple years straight... Oh well.

As a final notice, PLHub is not closing yet. Members may continue to join PLHub servers and use its tools until March 19th, 2024. This is PLHub's third anniversary, at which will also be the final day before closure. I have decided to keep PLHub's tools operational for the far forseeable future, and they'll be available to access through the vanity link "zombies.pl" once PLHub closes. This includes the Player Card and the High Round Survivor Status tools, as they require virtually no maintenance and can run with minimal supervision. After closure, all user accounts and data will be wiped and scrubbed from PLHub's cache and servers. For those who have logged in with Roblox, the PLHub app should be removed from your App Permissions on your Roblox account. If not, you can easily remove access and instructions will be provided at closure to do so.

This was a learning experience for me and I have no regrets. I appreciate each and every person who has used or still uses the site and all those who have contributed to it in any capacity. Thank you to logitech101 and the broader community for the use and support that's been given, it has been quite the ride.

Signing out for the last time,