Sorry, PLHub is now closed.

Thank you for three years! I'm aware many are disappointed to see this service disappear, however, it's not over yet. I'm pleased to announce that a new site, ZPL, will be available soon. It was supposed to be released today, but I fucked up and forgot a very important feature 💀 so I'm going to get that completed first.
In the meantime, I've gone ahead and wiped all account data from PLHub's database. For full transparency purposes, cached leveling and badge data from the Statistics tool have not been wiped and an attempt will be made to preserve it for ZPL. If you've registered for PLHub before, you may check App Permissions in your Roblox account settings to ensure the PLHub app has been removed.
What's to come? ZPL will have the tools you may already be familiar with from PLHub, plus more wiki insights, leaderboards, a portal for submitting world records, personalized profiles, community tournaments, map-specific strategies and guides posted by us or notable community members, and a completely new and more modern user experience. No, ZPL will not include free private servers.
Although ZPL will not have free private servers, if enough support is gained by request, I will release a true community operated private server list, giving users the ability to post their own servers. Because players don't commonly want to share their private servers though, this feature is on the back burner.
ZPL will be run with as minimal supervision from my part as possible. If you're a Michael's Zombies player, you may have heard I've joined their staff team and as a result, my attention will be greatly divided with priority being on MZ's work. Some staff members who maintain the PL Wiki & Tournaments Discord server will be helping maintain ZPL. The link to ZPL will be posted here and an announcement will be made on PLW&T and [somewhere] in the PL Official Discord server when released.
If you've made it this far, as a final special token of my appreciation for everyone who's used PLHub over the years, I will be giving 150 robux to each previously registered member who requests for it on the RoHead group wall. Use it for a PL private server, or whatever you want. I have a list of everyone's usernames, and if you're not in the RoHead group already, you'll need to join in order to receive it. I will be accepting robux requests for a week, so be sure to leave a message on the Roblox group wall right away. New group members will receive their robux two weeks from the day they joined, per Roblox restrictions. Users who request for robux and did not sign up on PLHub will be ignored.
Mar. 20th, 2024